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Wood Type:

When you are going to invest in a skateboard deck, you usually have to choose cold-pressed maple wood. Maple is the best choice because it is both hard, durable and form-stable. Maple can, therefore, withstand rough use completely without being broken. The maple is actually so form-stable that it also used for furniture, floors, veneers and kitchen utensils. 

For skateboard production, we use Canadian maple – 7 ply veneer. Canadian maple is the hardest type of maple and is therefore also excellent for skateboards. In fact, we believe Canadian maple is the best kind of wood you can buy when it comes to skateboard decks. 

Deck size

in our Boardshop you can buy deck sizes in 7.5 ”, 7.75”, 8.0 ”and 8.25” inches, which are the most widely used sizes within skateboard decks.
When finding the right size, it is primarily the length of your foot that determines the size of your skateboard deck.
• Small foot (size 35-40 cm) you should choose the skateboard deck which is between 7.25 ”- 7.75” inches.
• Large foot (size 44 and above) should choose a skateboard deck that is between 8 ”- 8.25” inches.
If, on the other hand, you are ramp skater, the foot size does not have as much to say as it is best for ramp skaters to buy skateboard decks that are 8.25 “or more – as it is undoubtedly easiest to land on.

Skateboard Trucks

The distance between the hanger and the bottom of the skate deck equals the truck profile. Skateboarders normally use normal/mid-sized trucks. It depends on style and taste, some skaters prefer high profile, others low, but most prefer mid sized trucks.  

  • Low: Designed for small wheels, provide extra stability for flip tricks. Is mostly used with a 50-53mm wheel size.
  • Mid: Mid-level trucks are overall good for street skateboarding.Is mostly used with a 53-56mm wheel size.
  • High: Ideal for large wheels, high trucks are made for carving and cruising the street and work well for longboards and cruiserboards. Is mostly used with a 56mm+ wheel size.

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheel size is measured in diameter by millimeters, while the density of a wheel is measured in durometer on an ‘A Scale’ or ‘B Scale’ reflecting the hardness of a wheel.

Street skaters often prefer smaller wheels, as the low weight allows them to perform flip tricks more easily. Transition skaters mostly skate larger wheels that carry more speed.