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We care Our clothes are in no way just regular clothes. We know that skaters and surfer need clothes with extreme durability, a professional fit and world class aesthetics

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We want to create the most durable clothes

It all started with the dream of making the perfect t-shirt for extreme sports. The only manufacturer that could deliver qualified fabrics was Kansas Workwear (located in Odense, Denmark), and luckily they were willing to deliver. 

With this strategic partnership, we are capable of producing fashion apparel made with extreme workwear graded materials. 

Quality before all

Kansas Workwear has a history as the worlds leading workwear manufacturer for well over 100 years. They have a proud heritage that can best be summarized in one word: “quality“. 

Our T-shirts are made from 100% “power cotton”, which has been developed, tried, and tested for more than 5 decades. The cotton fibers are much longer than traditional cotton, and as a result, our t-shirts are just as soft as other brands but have an insane amount of stretch, scratch, and impact resilience. 

Sure, it looks good and feels perfect, but our main goal is to make clothes that meet the demands of an extreme lifestyle. In other words, our clothing can really take a beating.


Danish Design

We approach the design process with much care and respect for our users. Other than our humble logo you would never know that our clothing line is made for extreme wear and tear. Basically, we try to bridge the gap between the everyday and extreme lifestyle, so we want a design that looks good in the local skate park, in the club, and even in the office.    

Danish design is world-renowned for simplicity, functionality, and elegance, which is on par with our vision. We carry try to carry this legacy in our hearts. 

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