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Our company is founded on the ultimate “mission impossible” our culture has ever seen. The Mount Rushmore of dreaming, but also the valley of death. Starting a skateboard company.  

Well, slow down now. We don’t know what a skateboard company really is these days, but the matter of fact is that we started our company by selling skateboard decks without printing. In the best quality, and with a no-nonsense approach….. And a low markup. 

Top class 100% Canadian maple

Our skateboards only contain materials that pass quality control. That means no black streaks, knots or sapwood are beings used. In fact, all our factories are ISO9001: 2000 certified, and a good selection of material is greatly honored. 


We design our skateboards with different measures and with different graphics. But our main focus will always be on providing good wood with an affordable price tag, as we feel there is an opportunity in the market. We simply couldn’t afford decks back in the days. We then decided to solve this problem. 


HVS SKATEBOARDOur board decks are made from 7 layers of cold-pressed Canadian maple, combined with water-based American glue. We have a strategic partnership with eastern production facilities with decades of experience in skateboard manufacturing. We have a strong relationship through years of collaborating, and together we keep innovating and inspiring.