5 Reasons Daewon Song is the best skater in the world

Granted, there probably is no such thing as “the worlds best skater”, and there are probably as many opinions as there are skaters. Whenever the subject is discussed people often get flared up, but the fact is the best skater in the world are probably the one that is having the most fun. But still, we all have that one personal favorite. Mine is the one and only Daewon Song, and here is 5 reasons why:

1: He seems like he is having the most fun

In the Epicly Later´d episode Daewon himself takes us through some of the footage from his Love Child (1992) part, and it really shows how freaking awesome he is. He humbly explains all of the classic things he has been involved with, from the first hardflip, the picnic table “era”, the cheese and the crackers etc.  His track record with a skateboard is truly beyond amazing, but it’s clear that he values the good times more than titles, tricks, and trophies.

Here you can see him try to recreate his lovechild part + plus some extra goodies

2: He has innovated skateboarding for many years

Every since day one, Daewon Song has marched to a different beat. He has always done his own thing, and as a result, he has helped push skateboarding in a number of ways. Most iconically is his unique approach to lines, which is often a good blend of crazy technical tricks in all sorts of conditions. His radical thinking varies from changing wheels mid trick, creating and skating street obstacles on the mini ramp, and just flipping the board I every possible direction, from manual to manual. He has perhaps raised the bar in skateboarding more than anyone else.

His part in cheese and crackers had everybody thinking wtf?

3: He is versatile

He can most certainly hold his own in a mini ramp and in the bowl, we have seen him make gnarly tricks on top of big trucks, and we all know what he can do in the streets, so its safe to say that he is a very versatile skater. Yes, he rarely skates rails, verts or death-defying stairs but is this really necessary in order to be the greatest? Besides, we think that he could if he would. But again, he doesn’t seem to skate in order to get respect, but in order to have fun.

Here are a pretty gnarly part for the nonbelievers


4: He has got a ninjalike style

He flips so smooth and fasts its hard to ignore the fact that he is lightning fast and precise. He is a manny flip master, and it really seems so easy for him. It seems so natural for him to pull out any tech trick, it almost feels like the board is an extension of his body. Not many can pull off the tricks he can, with such ease and smoothness. Maybe its because he cuts his bushings, or because he wears the same shoes til they are full of holes, but the fact is, he is looking damn good on a board.

5: he is still going strong

He has been skating for well over 30 years, but he is still going crazy skating up to 3 times a day. If you don’t believe me check out his Instagram. He even skates in the rain. How many skaters do you know ho does that? He says that one of the reasons why he is still having such a great career is because he doesn’t go super big, which is also perhaps a great lesson to all the young shredders out there: staying safe will give more time to shred in the long run.

Heres some footy from his Instagram